Accident leads to burglary charges

Published 12:12am Friday, April 19, 2013

NATCHEZ — An early-morning automobile accident resulted in the Wednesday arrest of an Adams County man on burglary charges.

An Adams County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said ACSO deputies responded to the site of an abandoned wrecked vehicle near Kingston Road’s intersection with Clifford Road.

At the crash site, deputies noticed that a prescription pill bottle in the area did not correspond with the name of the two subjects involved in the crash, the spokesperson said.

When questioned, one of the subjects who was in the area, Justin Roy Fuller, 26, 75 Clifford Road, reportedly told deputies he burglarized a house in the area shortly after the wreck, taking the bottle of pills, cell phones, jump drives, a knife, a flashlight and a coin collection, the spokesperson said.

Fuller was booked into the Adams County jail on a charge of burglary of an inhabited dwelling. He is being detained without bond.

Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said the second person involved in the crash was not charged.

“We took a statement from him and believe he was not involved in the burglary, that (Fuller) had just given him a ride,” Mayfield said.

“We attribute this arrest and successful investigation to our deputies’ quick response time in running evidence and finding information immediately. This is very professional investigative work — to run down a lead based on one bit of evidence.”

  • Anonymous

    Karma is a baaaaad mutha!! Lol

  • natchez_love

    Oh, here we go again. Natchez Democrat posting stories that are not even documented correctly. I am one of Justin’s close relatives and this story doesn’t match up to what really happened. The finding of the wrecked car had nothing to do with his arrest. That is irrelevant information. Yes, it happened down the road from where the burglary took place, but his arrest was due to his family calling the Sheriff Department on him. And if they recovered a pill bottle in the car that didn’t match the two people that were involved in the wreck, then how did Justin steal it from the house? The burglary itself took place after the wreck. This just doesn’t make sense. Also, Justin doesn’t even own a vehicle so how could he give the other guy a ride? And when the cops ran the tag on the car, the information came back to the owner which was the other guy involved. Also, shouldn’t the other guy be an accessory after the fact if he was with Justin at the time of the burglary? When I read the newspaper, I like to know what really happened. And this is a huge disappointment because this article is missing very significant points.