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Parent University set for Thursday

Published 12:03am Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NATCHEZ — Parents wanting to get more involved with their children’s schoolwork will have the opportunity to speak to Natchez-Adams School District teachers and officials Thursday during the district’s Parent University.

The event will consist of a variety of break-out sessions in classrooms at Natchez High School to address children’s specific needs.

The sessions will focus on math, reading and language arts topics for grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

Teachers from West, Frazier and McLaurin elementary schools as well as teachers from Morgantown Middle School will lead the sessions, along with some administrative staff members.

Morgantown parent liaison Deidre Myles said the event is a great opportunity for parents to get information about their vital responsibility in shaping children’s lives.

“Their education is a stepping stone to who they’re going to be in the future, so parents should come out and be invested in their child’s education,” Myles said. “It’s going to take some parental involvement for children to be successful, because there’s only so much you can do in school.”

Myles said the variety of events will allow a parent to choose one based on areas in which their child needs the most help.

“Each one of the sessions focuses on child development, what children are learning in schools, advocacy, parent leadership and effective parenting skills,” Myles said. “If parents don’t get involved now, where are their children going to go?”

Myles said all the supplies and materials parents need will be provided at the event.

The McLaurin “Majestic” choir under the direction of Shana Braxton will provide entertainment at the event.

A light dinner will be served.

The event begins at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Natchez High School cafeteria.


  • LaTasha Brown

    I am happy to see that the schools are reaching out to the parents. They are letting them know how important they are in the success of their children.

  • Anonymous

    More late hours for the schools staff after the summer curriculum rework, board meetings, etc. When do they have time to teach and get a little rest from the 8-9 hour days plus their homework at night grading papers, lesson plans, etc.?