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Development not worth bloodshed

In less than a year, the two private prisons in our area have been scenes of deadly violence.

Almost a year ago, Catlin Carithers, a guard working at the Adams County Correctional Center, was killed when a gang of prisoners took control over the facility.

Rioting inmates beat Carithers to death.

Last weekend, an inmate at the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility was stabbed in the chest and died on the spot when another inmate turned on him.

Clearly, in both instances, breakdowns occurred. In the Adams County case, prisoners should have never had the opportunity to gain control over the facility.

In the death of an inmate, obviously another inmate had obtained or created some type of weapon used in the stabbing.

The common thread of each is the prison’s ownership, Corrections Corporation of America.

We welcomed CCA to the community and still feel they provided a positive economic impact to the area as they employ hundreds of residents.

But two clear breakdowns in procedure — each with deadly consequences — is two too many.

We all know that prisons are rough places that house some of the most violent members of society.

State and federal corrections leaders should complete a thorough and public investigation into the problems at the facilities.

No amount of economic development is worth continued bloodshed — regardless of whether the blood is from a guard or an inmate.