Inmate stabbed to death in Wilkinson County riot

Published 12:12am Thursday, April 25, 2013

WOODVILLE — The state inmate who died Saturday during a prison brawl at the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility was stabbed one time in the chest, according to preliminary autopsy reports.

Wilkinson County Coroner Travis Sharp said Wednesday that the autopsy report showed inmate Demond Flowers, 21, died from a single stab wound to his heart.

“I don’t know what (they stabbed him with),” Sharp said. “Apparently, they didn’t get it or didn’t find it.”

Tara Booth, a spokesperson for the Mississippi Department of Corrections, said Monday that the state agency was working “in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies” to complete an investigation into the death of a state inmate at the private prison owned and managed by Corrections Corporation of America.

The incident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. Saturday, when multiple fights broke out between inmates at multiple housing units across the 1,000-bed facility.

When the fighting was quelled, Flowers was dead inside the facility. Flowers was serving an 18-year sentence for car burglary, strong-arm robbery and robbery. Mississippi Department of Corrections records indicate Flowers was convicted in Hinds County.

In addition to Flowers, nine other inmates sustained injuries that required hospital care, and an undisclosed number of other inmates received minor injuries and were treated within the facility, a spokesperson for CCA said Saturday.

CCA spokesman Steve Owen wrote Monday that he could not provide information about the details of the investigation or disclose information about staffing levels at WCCF at the time of the fights.

Wilkinson County’s facility houses mostly Mississippi Department of Corrections prisoners.

  • Anonymous

    Boat them to the Outback in Australia and put them in tents.

  • concerned redneck

    Inmates are running the prison

  • Reshon ايفانز

    Car Burglary and Strong-Arm Robbery are not criminal acts deemed to be punishable by death. The Corrections Corporation of America which is the largest privately own prison system in America, took responsibility for ensuring Mr. Flowers safely served his 18 year sentence and that organization Fail. A responsibility that the the State Tax payers pay a very generous portion of their tax proceeds to support.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a planned assassination to me. Why else would fights all break out at the same time in different parts of the prison if not to spread the responders thin enough to slow them down while Flowers was shanked? He must have really p-oed someone.

  • Al Mo

    read some of the real story at examiner .com could be embellished a bit, but a lot closer to the truth than MDOC will ever ever say along with CCA.

  • Al Mo

    yup, and paying the guards to do what they want or intimidate them with threats if they don’t. just because they were taken off the streets, the violence does not stop, just like on the streets, they take what they want and if another inmate holds out, whoa to them.

  • Al Mo

    stoopid post. is that all you have? these guys will be back on the streets one day, MEANER than before, beware what you ask for, shipping them off isn’t going to happen, it behooves us to make our commisiones do the right thing and provide progrrams that we pay for

  • Al Mo

    like always, even in the real world, its about the haves and the have nots. the ones who have no family except other gang memebers are doing what they always do, take from those that have a few extra noodles and if it takes killing, well nothing new for them