City dealing with IT problems after firing director

Published 12:10am Saturday, April 27, 2013

NATCHEZ — The City of Natchez has contracted with two information technology specialists to handle the city’s IT needs until it hires an IT director.

The city fired its IT director Eric Junkin Tuesday, and Mayor Butch Brown said Friday that the city has contracted with Ed Bowser and Bowser’s assistant to address any IT issues that come up while the city is looking for a permanent director.

Brown said he made sure prior to Junkin’s termination that the city would be have someone in place to address computer and equipment problems in the interim.

“Before we did anything about Junkin’s termination, we made certain that we had staff in place to handle the security (of the system) primarily first and operational set-ups secondly,” he said.

Bowser and the other IT specialist are both employed elsewhere, Brown said, are providing the city IT assistance on their down time.

“If that doesn’t work, there are companies we can call, and we have people in place (in city departments) that are somewhat skilled in IT,” Brown said.

The Natchez Police Department has had some computer problems this week, but Capt. Tom McGehee said Capt. Scott Frye has been addressing those.

The city hopes, Brown said, to have an IT director in place as soon as possible. The city, he said, is currently interviewing candidates who were in the running for the position last year when Junkin was hired.

The city has not re-advertised the opening for the position, Brown said.

City Attorney Hyde Carby said he has not spoken with the mayor, who has been out of town this week, about whether the city has a legal obligation to advertise the position.

“In the event we need to advertise for the position, we will,” Carby said.

  • Anonymous

    Lol…good luck with that!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how Frye is dealing with the laptop installs in patrol cars? I thought Carby was supposed to be advising Butch, not the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    Why advertise? Why run the risk of finding a great candidate?

  • khakirat

    Well , there they are getting two people when Eric was by himself speaks for itself!!! I feel we haven’t heard the last of Eric on this issue and I feel he will win big time!!!

  • Network Engineer

    This is REALLY PATHETIC!!! FYI…There is a difference between a DIRECTOR & a TECHNICIAN. There is NO WAY a DIRECTOR should be physically troubleshooting end user break/fix issues…

    Last time I checked an IT DIRECTOR’S roles & responsibilities included the following.

    The information technology director oversees the information technology
    strategy for an organization, developing and implementing the policies
    and goals for the IT department. The IT director analyzes the business
    requirements of different departments and conducts feasibility studies
    to determine the best use of technical resources.
    Technical investments may include a new information system or upgrades
    to hardware or software components. The IT director coordinates
    information systems managers and reports to the chief information

  • Semper Fi

    Im in the IT field and there is no way that one man can handle the responsibility for the whole city. He is really supposed be the network administrator and coordinator. Im in Baton Rouge and came accross this and had to comment. This should be in the strange and weird news section of the paper.

  • khakirat

    Keep in touch for you ain’t seen nothing yet in this Adams county leaders in politics bunch for its like reading the funny papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your comment!!!!!