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Let’s dispel myths about city tourism

Published 12:01am Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anyone who spends more than a few minutes in Natchez quickly should see the importance of tourism on the city.

Tourism drives much of Natchez’s economy. It has for a number of years, but it became increasingly important after heavy industry began moving away in the early part of this century.

Because the tourism industry encompasses all sorts of different types of businesses, it has just about as many critics as it has members.

So does the city entity that’s charged with marketing Natchez to potential tourists.

The Natchez Convention Promotion Commission, formerly known as the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, operates on tax money derived from a variety of sources. The group has been controversial, at least in the minds of its critics, for years.

Sifting through the facts and fiction surrounding the CPC is difficult.

Judging the group’s effectiveness is even more difficult.

Over the next several weeks, our staff plans to publish a series of articles looking at how the CPC operates.

Hopefully, by breaking down the complex details of its funding and operations, we can dispel some myths and perhaps uncover some unknown truths about one of the most important and least understood departments in city government.


  • khakirat

    DEB Your sugar coating comment isn’t going to change the minds of the 92% in Adams county taxpayers to your way of thinking!! This is a insult to spend a half a million dollars of taxpayers money with infrastructure , building falling down just don’t add up huh’??!! These folks that make a penny on tourism should be the ones to foot the money for tourism and not the 92% taxpayers and this should be not lawful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Adams county and its people but right is right and wrong is wrong and I fill the few shouldn’t dominate the 92% on all issues as such!!!!