Pizza prank stuns local woman

Published 12:12am Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FERRIDAY — An unexpected knock on Precious Guillot’s door from a pizza delivery driver Saturday night became even more of a surprise when she saw the $106 bill.

Guillot, who lives on Cowan Street in Ferriday, said a driver from Sonny’s Pizza knocked on her door at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night carrying three large bags filled with multiple boxes of pizza.

The only problem was Guillot didn’t order the pizza, she said.

“My kids went to answer the door and when I looked up and saw all the bags he was carrying I was like, ‘Oh, my God,’ because I knew we didn’t order that,” Guillot said. “I felt so bad for the driver, but I wasn’t about to pay for all that stuff I didn’t order.

“I called the (sheriff’s office), and they sent three deputies out here to figure it out.”

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to Guillot’s call at 9 p.m., who said her neighbor had called and ordered $106 worth of pizza and gave the restaurant her name and address.

Guillot said she called the restaurant and asked what number they had on file for the delivery. When Guillot dialed the number she was given by the restaurant, her daughter’s friend, who lives across the street, answered the phone.

“I gave the cop the number, and they sorted everything out,” Guillot said. “The only thing the cop told me was that I was probably going to have a hard time ordering pizza from there from now on.”

  • Anonymous

    Aaaaand here’s your sign!!

  • Anonymous

    She should consider herself blessed. I can’t get pizza delivered to my house in the garden district. We waited an hour for one that never showed. So we called another and the girl on the phone said they only delivered to the north side, but not the south. Go figure! Thank goodness for B-Kwik. :)

  • riverfish

    This is news? Oh dear Lord. Times must be hard in the news gathering business.

  • Anonymous

    Sonnys should get the last laugh

  • Anonymous

    It’s not her fault though so why should Sonny’s not deliver to her if she wants to order? They have a problem with the neighbors who should be made to pay for the order.

  • “THEMAN”

    It’s not hard to find news…there’s big news out but Natchez Democrat got their picks and chooses of what and who they put in the paper….Don’t be surprised when Jackson news take a trip to ole NTZ and spill all the beans…