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Treat your ears to May melodies

In a world in which we often seem to be constantly looking for new ways to entertain ourselves, it’s ironic that one of the oldest forms of entertainment still thrives today.

Thousands of years have passed since one of our early ancestors began grunting or chanting in rhythm, creating what was effectively the first song.

Who knows how it started?

Perhaps they were merely mimicking a nearby songbird.

What we do know, however, is that today, we see millions and millions of people all the world over enjoying the amazing entertainment evoked by the human voice.

In Natchez this weekend, the amazing wonders of the human voice and music produced to accompany it will be on display as the Natchez Festival of Music kicks off.

The Festival of Music, like so many of Natchez’s other community festivals may often be taken for granted. It may appear as if the festival just sort of happens, but in reality a small group of volunteers works hard to make certain that the show goes on.

This year’s lineup appears to be one of the best, most diverse and most, well, Natchez.

If you’ve never been to one of the festival events, we encourage you to check out the lineup and consider finding something to attend in order to get a taste of the most amazing entertainment still known to man.

The lineup can be found at natchezfestivalofmusic.com.

Some of the events require tickets, but others are free, so there’s really no excuse not to give your ears a treat during the month of May.