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Crime reports: Saturday, May 4, 2013


Natchez Police Department

Arrests — Friday

Latara K. Cade, 19, No. 23 Green Acres Road, on a charge of disturbing the peace. Released on $509 bond.

Raven S. Brown, 22, 89 Duck Pond Road, on a charge of disturbing the peace. Released on $509 bond.

Arrests — Thursday

Tiffany L. Cain, 1103 Pecan St., Vidalia, on charges of two counts of shoplifting. Bond set at $1,407.

Wendy M. Wilson-Wiggins, 30, 418 Myrtle St., Vidalia, on charges of two counts of shoplifting. Bond set at $1,407.

Raythell P. Smith Jr., 26, 14 Williams St., on charges of failure to comply with request and simple assault. Bond set at $1,407.

Reports — Thursday

Intelligence report on Mansfield Drive.

Disturbing the peace on Dumas Drive.

Shoplifting at Walmart.

Burglary of a residence on Sixth Street.

Traffic accident on private property at Subway.

Disorderly conduct (failure to comply) and simple assault by fear at Williams Apartments.

Simple assault at Cedar Apartments.

Burglary of a vehicle and grand larceny on West Stiers Lane.

Leaving the scene of an accident on Meadowlane Drive.

Intelligence report at Best Western.

Disturbing the peace at Club Paradise.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Thursday

James William Wallace, 54, 4279 Dennis Cross Road, Lorman, booked as sleeper for Franklin County.

Reports — Thursday

Malicious mischief on Pineview Drive.

Patrolling area on U.S. 84.

Alarm on Duckpond Road.

Petit larceny on Marquette Avenue.

Dog problem on Jason Court.

Intelligence report on Cottage Home Road.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61 North.

Malicious mischief on Magnolia Avenue.

Harassment on Florida Drive.

Lost or stolen tag on Hawkins Road.

Property damage on Cranfield Road.

Welfare concern on E. Kirby Street.

Traffic stop on U.S. 84.

Accident on Steamplant Road.

Alarm on U.S. 61 South.

Suspicious activity on Greenwood Subdivision Road.

Patrolling area on Newell Road.

Harassment on Pinehill Drive.

Welfare concern on Cloverdale Drive.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Friday

Bryan Kee Melton, 40, 1116 Pecan St., Vidalia, on possession of contraband in a penal institute and distribution of scheduled I with intent. No bond set.

Arrests — Thursday

John C. Maier, 21, 834 Eagle Road, Vidalia, on a charge of simple criminal damage to property. Released on $1,250 bond.

Kelle T. Lewis, 17, 118 Shady Lane, Ferriday, on a charge of disturbing the peace. No bond set.

Reports unavailable

Vidalia Police Department

No arrests

Reports — Thursday

Be on the lookout report per Ferriday Police Department on Carter Street.

Speeding and expired tag on Carter Street.

Ran red light on Carter Street.

Ferriday Police Department

Arrests — Thursday

Keesa W. McGruder, 26, 112 Crown St., Natchez, on a charge of criminal damage to property. Released on $331 bond.

Ellis Gene Pruden, 47, 612 Texas Ave., Ferriday, on charges of disturbing the peace by public drunkenness and simple battery. Bond set at $662.

Reports — Friday

Careless operation on Georgia Avenue.

Reports — Thursday

Damage to property on Aspen Road.

Speeding on Louisiana 425.

Domestic disturbance on Georgia Avenue.

Disturbance on Texas Avenue.

Auto accident on Kentucky Avenue.

Check building at Grahams.

Reports — Wednesday


Reports — Tuesday

Theft at FPD.

Disturbance on Seventh Street.

Seat belt violation on Louisiana Avenue.

Stop sign and no driver’s license on person on Delaware Avenue.

No seat belt and no driver’s license on Tenth Street.

Speeding on Delaware Avenue.

Ran red light on Arkansas Avenue.

Speeding on Kentucky Avenue.

Speeding on Tenth Street.

Speeding, no seat belt and no proof of insurance on Tenth Street.

Speeding on Louisiana Avenue.

Natchez Fire Department

Alarm on Village Square Boulevard.

Vidalia Fire Department

No calls.

Ferriday Fire Department

No calls.

Concordia Fire District No.2

Auto accident on U.S. 84.

Auto accident at Mobil station.

Auto accident at Bryan’s Marine.