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Thank you for helping broaden horizons

Pleasant Acre Day School is once again bustling with excitement. To some people a few days on the Gulf Coast may not seem like a big vacation, but to the physically and mentally challenged students at Pleasant Acre, it is an event they eagerly await year after year. The students and teachers will board the school van May 13th for a few days of fun in the sun in Biloxi.

Let’s take a peek inside the little red building at Liberty Park. The place bursts with energy from its students. They laugh, sing, converse, learn and, most of all, enjoy each other’s company. It is indeed a home away from home for them all.

The very capable teachers, Mary Ann Foggo-Eidt and Fran Lambert, are incredible with the students. If you would like to see their hard work in action, come to the school’s Christmas program at the Elks Lodge every December. You will see them perform a musical they have worked on all year. In past years, shows have included jazz and blues, Broadway and a tribute to America.

There is never a dull moment at Pleasant Acre Day School. Once a month they eat out at area restaurants, go bowling every Monday and celebrate every birthday and holiday with a party.

Every Friday morning the school’s Some-n-Special Shop is open to the public. Items donated by the community are for sale. This generates income for the school and gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

One of the most fascinating projects undertaken by the students is the bead shop. Beads are donated to the school and students organize them by size and color. The beads are placed in the bead room and sold to Mardi Gras revelers. It is truly a sight to behold. This is an amazing recycling project and the students love participating.

Camp Sunshine is sponsored by the Natchez Junior Auxiliary every May. A week of song, dance, arts and crafts and swimming are enjoyed by the happy campers.

This “Fun in the Sun” trip finalizes their school year of life skills, life enrichment and community interaction activities. These special individuals are looking forward to swimming in the motel pool, beach walks and eating in the Mississippi Gulf Coast restaurants.

The support of the community enhances the lives of our special students by broadening their horizons and granting them a well deserved vacation. Thank you for your continued support of Pleasant Acre Day School, P.O. Box 1362, Natchez, MS 39121.


Linda Barnett is a supporter of Pleasant Acre Day School.