Thanks for offering children’s opera

Published 12:01am Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How many communities the size of Natchez could have an auditorium full of elementary school children and, when asked the question “how many of you have been to an opera?”, would have every child raise their hands with enthusiasm.

It was my pleasure to experience this at Braden School when I attended the 19th performance of “Three Billy Goats Gruff” presented by the Natchez Festival of Music with the educational outreach program chaired by Bobbye Wynn.

She told me they have reached more than 8,000 children this year, which includes the surrounding counties.

It was a wonderful and professional performance which the adults would have to admit they enjoyed as much as the children. There were great questions from the audience following the performance with the artists sitting on the edge of the stage encouraging conversation. I do believe we have an emerging population of “Opera Buffs.”

Thank you to the Festival of Music and to the owner of the local Taco Bell for funding all 20 of these performances for the pleasure and education of our children.


Ruth Ellen Calhoun

Natchez Resident