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3 more arrested in Ferriday robbery, attempted murder

FERRIDAY — The remaining suspects in an alleged armed robbery and attempted murder of a Ferriday business owner were arrested Tuesday.

Jessie M. Green Jr., 19, 27667 Louisiana 15, Ferriday, was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Shonbrica A. Green, 24, 201 Vogt St., and Illyasha L. Hawkins, 26, 716 Maryland Ave., were both arrested and charged Tuesday with principal to armed robbery.

Defonte R. Leonard, 20, 300 Tennessee Ave., was arrested and charged Monday with armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jamie Lipscomb said deputies first responded to a call of an armed robbery at 3:18 a.m. Monday at K.J.’s Daiquiris, a bar on Louisiana 15 in Ferriday.

Lipscomb said all the suspects knew the business owner and had all been at the bar earlier that night.

“They all left, and while they were gone the two female suspects (Shonbrica Green and Hawkins) started texting the owner of the bar,” Lipscomb said. “Something happened, and they got mad at him and decided to call the other two male suspects (Jessie Green and Leonard) so they could all rob him.”

Lipscomb said Shonbrica Green and Hawkins entered the bar and began distracting the owner in a back room, while Jessie Green and Leonard setup in the front part of the bar.

“The girls walked out of the back room once they heard the signal the other two were set up. The owner followed them out and saw Defonte (Leonard) standing there,” Lipscomb said. “The alleged trigger man (Jessie Green) then ran up from behind, and that’s when the victim says he was shot.”

Leonard and Jessie Green demanded the business owner give them all their money, and when he refused, they began beating him, Lipscomb said.

The business owner was transported to Riverland Medical Center where he was treated for severe lacerations to his head.

Lipscomb said he is awaiting the business owner’s medical records to see if his injuries were the result of a gunshot or having been beaten.

Leonard and Jessie Green both remained in jail Wednesday with $165,000 bonds.

Shonbrica Green and Hawkins also remained in jail Wednesday with $65,000 bonds.

Lipscomb said the female suspects received lesser charges because they were not in the room when the crime occurred.

“They were charged with principal to armed robbery because they walked out when all this happened,” Lipscomb said. “If they had stayed in there, they would have been hit with the armed robbery charge.”