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Dr. LeMay: I will be leaving town, people I love

As most of you have read, Natchez Regional has decided to no longer maintain a relationship with Jackson Heart Clinic.

This joint venture to provide a new level of cardiovascular services began in April of 2010. It has proved successful for all involved, and in my opinion was a major factor in allowing the hospital to recover from its recent bankruptcy. Noninvasive procedures increased five fold, a new catheterization lab was opened and, in short, an improved access to heart care was available to the community.

The hospital feels that the costs involved are too great and that the partnership doesn’t provide enough to their bottom line to continue funding the venture.

It is a bit ironic that after a very large settlement with their previous management company that they chose to apply these funds to other areas, which in my opinion are less deserving. I hope the citizens of our town will be vigilant in watching how this money is spent, because in the end it is their money, and more importantly, their health.

I would also like to clarify up front that despite individuals in hospital administration stating that I did not want to stay in Natchez, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike these individuals who have chosen to make no personal investment in our community, I have done just the opposite. My whole life has been tied to our town, and making that commitment has blessed me in so many ways.

I hope that my care has reflected this and that everyone; rich, poor, black or white, have been treated equally with care and compassion. If not, then I truly have failed since it is honestly the most important principle in my life.

I genuinely love this town and all of its people. I have had nothing but positive memories and would take nothing for the last three years in Natchez. It has given me far more than I could ever repay and I consider this town to be my true home.

Sadly, It appears that I will be leaving. I have no regrets, and my time here has been the happiest in my life.

Natchez and the surrounding area is an amazing place. Sometime we take for granted the very things that create such a wonderful environment to live in and raise our families. This environment is not just about old homes and history, but about a culture of which you are all a part. It is the people that make this city so amazing, and you have my thanks for a chance to be part of that environment. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I hope someday I can return to this fabulous little town.


Brad LeMay

Natchez resident