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Join us for some Jackson State fun

Greetings to all fellow Jacksonians.

Please set the date of Saturday, June 1, 2013, for it is going to be a great day filled with lost of fun activities at the canteen located in Duncan Park between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The J.S.U. Natchez Alumni Chapter will host a great family and friends fun day at the canteen.

We had a great time last year.

This year promises to be even bigger and better.

We will provide one of the most awesome picnics for incoming J.S.U. students, present J.S.U. students and former J.S.U. students as well. William Blowe (president) along with our most faithful, enjoyable regular members, Alma Johnson, Bonita Reed, Jacqulyn Williams, Willie J. Woods, Wilson Banford, Adrian Frisby, Carl Stewart, Gary Washington, Sekufele M. Lewanika, Vounzell Murphy, Dorothy Matthews and Danielle Gaylor, along with the rest of our alumni crew. This year we will have four members from Natchez on the Tiger football team – Joseph Perry, Travis Woods, Derrian Johnson and Kris Weatherspoon.

We would also like to congratulate Rico Richardson, who recently signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs.

We also salute our Natchez band members who are now part of the great “Sonic Boom of the South.” From my understanding, we will have cheerleaders and “Prancing Jaycettes” from Natchez.

Good luck on that. And last but not least, to the great scholars who are working hard to receive their degrees, hats off to you all.

We will also host a meet and green session. J.S.U. recruiter Tammy Terrell (and no, she did not sing with Marvin Gaye) will be in attendance to answer any questions for parents and students.

So please help us spread the word to all J.S.U. present and former members. I promise you a great day filled with lots of social activities.

For further info, you may contact any member of the J.S.U. Alumni and as we used to say in the 80s, be there or be square! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Jacqueline Marsaw is a member of the J.S.U. Natchez Alumni Chapter.