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Don’t hold in that burning question

Have you ever asked a nurse or a friend in health care questions like what to do when someone gets hurt and where to go? I’m sick, what now? When an employee gets hurt or becomes sick? Just needs medical advice or how to find answers to Healthcare questions?

It would be nice to never need to ask these questions, but nobody is perfect, and we all need help sometimes.

Most people need a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide to assist them when things like this come up.

That need is only going to grow. Our already complicated system is only getting worse.

This is why my colleagues and I have started a company which helps navigate individuals and businesses to making the right health choices by offering a guided tour of available resources, programs and tools that assist individuals, businesses and other groups.

We also have several options to help guide someone sick or injured to the fastest route of medical care, whether that is us coming to you or arranging a quick visit in the most effective environment for your need at that time.

We would like to invite you to our Wellness Fair from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Natchez Mall to help individuals and businesses in our community learn more about our company Southern Workforce, LLC and our sister company, Wellshare America.

As a service to those who can not come to our fair you can access our wellness site at wellshare.ning.com and join for free and advertise your business for free. Everyone in our community is invited to come out and be a part of this health movement and get answers to your questions.

You will find models to track your health and become healthier along with learning more about what your community has to offer.

We hope to see everyone there and look forward to helping everyone begin to navigate to a healthier lifestyle.
Mystic Smith is the CEO of Southern Workforce.