Health care is serious public matter

Published 12:02am Friday, May 24, 2013

Natchez Regional Medical Center has been my hospital of choice ever since it has been in business. We are told that NRMC is owned by the people of Adams County. I no longer believe that. I also no longer believe that the hospital administrators and the hospital board care about the health of the so-called owners, “We the People.” Doctors are brought to Natchez Regional; we, the populace who need quality healthcare, become their patients. We receive excellent care; we bond with our doctors. We do not have to seek that care out of town. Then an “issue” arises, and our doctors is gone. Where to we then have to go? We have to seek that care in Jackson, Baton Rouge, Monroe, etc.

The current issue is the loss of Dr. Brad LeMay. He has many, many patients in this area. He is an excellent doctor, a “people” person who makes each patient feel special. Patients have bonded with him and have believed that he would be their doctor for years to come. When one has heart problems, it is comforting to know that Dr. LeMay is available with a phone call. When someone is having a heart attack, immediate care is needed from a very qualified cardiologist.

You, the hospital administrators and board, brought Dr. LeMay here; you, in effect, asked that we, the people of Adams County, trust your judgment and turn to Dr. LeMay as our cardiologist. After only three years we, the people and owners, must try to figure out where we go now.

Many will no longer trust you. The people do not like to be jerked around, especially where our health is concerned. Will the people accept the next cardiologist you choose to bring to NRMC? That is to be seen, but, I can tell you, based on conversations I have had, many will not.

You really need to “get your act together” and realize that your “business” deals with the lives to the people of Natchez and Adams County and surrounding areas.


Syble Jones