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Get on board with curbside recycling

Do you want to have a positive impact on the environment we all share? Are you willing to spend a few minutes a day to meet this goal? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then you are ready for curbside recycling.

Recycling is the single greatest way that we, as individuals, can impact our environment. Recycling saves huge amounts of natural resources — crude oil, water, energy and trees. If half of Miss-Lou residents recycled half of the trash we currently produce, we would save approximately 136,000 trees, 56 million gallons of water, 3 million gallons of crude oil and 24,000 cubic yards of landfill space every year! If half of the Natchez and Adams County residents participated in the curbside recycling program, we would annually divert 4,000 tons of trash from our landfill saving the city and county approximately $70,000 in annual tipping fees. This money could be used for road repairs or other infrastructure needs.

Single-stream recycling is easy. Simply rinse out metal or plastic containers and throw into the same bin with your paper.

No need to separate items or put them in plastic bags. Just drop them in the bin, “loose.” Place your bin near the curb on the designated pick up day just like you would with your garbage. The waste hauler will pick it up and deliver the recyclables to the sorting facility where the products will be separated into various grades, baled and shipped to the mill for recycling into new products.

And that’s it! Out goes the trash and in comes satisfaction of knowing that you did your part to help the environment and to save money for Adams County.

A curbside recycling program will be an asset to the organizations and groups trying to bring businesses and newcomers to our area. A successful program could potentially create 8 to 12 jobs in our community. It will improve our standard of living.

Aren’t you ready to get on board with curbside recycling? Please let our elected officials know how you feel about this important issue. Talk about it with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Join the Green Alliance and get more information on recycling by visiting the web site, www.MissLouRecycles.com. Natchez and Adams County could lose the opportunity for curbside recycling if we don’t act now.


Amanda Jeansonne is a Natchez resident and member of the Green Alliance.