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NASD budget close yet far from being balanced

The folks with the scissors at the Natchez-Adams School District have almost won the race.

Their effort so far is certainly commendable.

Cutting nearly $900,000 from any budget is no easy task. It takes great attention to detail, smart thinking and patience, among other things.

Those who’ve been working the numbers deserve a pat on the back for their work.

But the race isn’t finished, and it would be a shame to quit now.

Last week, district officials told the school board that they were approximately $60,000 shy of making the desired budget.

The racetrack then abruptly turned in the direction of raising taxes.

For $60,000?

After you’ve cut $900,000, $60,000 doesn’t sound like much. It doesn’t seem right to quit now.

The superintendent proposed a few options that would make up the difference in funds, but school board members presented concerns.

While we understand that after cutting so much it may not seem like much is left to trim, we urge the district to continue its vigilance.

If nothing else, the administrators and board need to realize that another tax increase may cost the district far more than $60,000 in much-needed community support and morale.

We support our schools and believe money spent educating a child is well worth it, but there’s got to be a $60,000 stone currently left unturned.

If the district feels differently, it’s time to outline — in great detail — where the taxpayers’ money is going, with full justification for each penny.