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Memorial Park renovations much needed

Judging a book by its cover may be a no-no, but it happens every day. Book covers may be superficial, but they can hint to a book’s content as well as its use.

The same can be said for a city’s resources. The City of Natchez has a myriad of great things going for it, but one of its best is the charm of the downtown.

A list of the top five best downtown public places must include one of our favorites — Memorial Park.

The park is quintessentially Natchez — old and beautiful, historic but very much alive, too.

City leaders recently announced plans to revamp the park a bit to coincide with the city’s 300th birthday bash in 2016. A renewed Memorial Park is fitting and long overdue.

Plans include relighting the park — which at the moment can be quite dark at night — and matching the park’s myriad of sidewalks to have one common style and look.

The work of volunteers a few years ago funded an amazing restoration of the historic fountain in the park.

The city’s new plans should serve to make an already great Natchez landmark even better.

Many thanks to the city and its partners — including citizens who participate in the adopt-a-brick campaign — for all of the work going into the revitalization.