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Crime reports: Saturday, June 8, 2013


Natchez Police Department

Arrests — Friday

Flora Hamilton, 53, 5 Log St., on a charge of shoplifting. Bond set at $726.

Elvin R. Ivory, 26, 6 Lillie Lane, on a charge of aggravated domestic violence. No bond set.

Amy N. Christensen-Tarver, 29, 107 Vidalia Drive, on a charge of shoplifting. No bond set.

Arrests — Thursday

William M. Wunderle, 56, 1473 S. Roadrunner Lane, Thatcher, Ariz., on a charge of profanity or drunkenness in public. Bond set at $359.

Reports — Friday

Stolen vehicle on Margaret Avenue.

Leaving the scene of an accident in the area of Silver and Broadway streets.

Intelligence report (K-9 assistance for the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office and Vidalia Police Department) at NPD.

Malicious mischief on Minor Street.

Lost passport on D’Evereux Drive.

Malicious mischief on Creek Street.

Simple assault on Jackson Street.

Public drunk at Bowie’s Tavern.

Petit larceny (stolen tag) in the D.A. Biglane parking lot.

Found items on Freeze Lane.

Driving under suspension on North Shields Lane.

Fraudulent use of a bank card at Holiday Apartments.

Traffic accident on private property on Creekbend Road.

Disturbing the peace of a business at Sally Beauty Supply.

Grand larceny (stolen pistol) on Lower Woodville Road.

Telephone harassment on Birdwood Drive.

Malicious mischief on Purnell Street.

Affidavit arrest at NPD.

Reports — Thursday

Burglary of a residence on Morgantown Road.

Burglary of a residence on St. Mary Street.

Burglary of a residence on Parker Street.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Thursday

John Joseph Barr, 34, 352 North Eastabuchie Road, Moselle, Miss., booked on hold for Hattiesburg MDOC, failure to comply with officer and resisting arrest. No bond set.

Leonard Credit Jr., 23, 719 F. St., Woodville, on a charge of contempt of drug court. No bond set.

Delvin Shavon Mason, 20, 3 Beechwood St., on a charge of contempt of court. No bond set.

Reports — Thursday

Bench warrant on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Malicious mischief on Powlett Road.

Patrolling area on Oakland Drive.

Theft on U.S. 61 North.

Domestic disturbance on Myrtle Drive.

Civil matter on Ratcliff Road.

Traffic stop on D’Evereaux Drive.

Burglary on Second Street.

Alarm on Highland Boulevard.

Traffic stop on Main Street.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Friday

Shandria L. Wilson, 26, 200 Kyle Road, on a charge of battery of the infirmed. Released on $500 bond.

Nicholas D. Honington, 20, 6672 Lancaster Road, on charges of disturbing the peace, simple criminal damage to property. Released on $1,600 bond and $200 restitution.

Arrests — Thursday

William A. Cruse, 53, 1142 Fisherman Drive, on a bench warrant for failure to pay probation fees for first DUI. Judge probation set at $205 and bench warrant set at $100.

Daniel D. Butler, 32, 360 Tolliver Road, serving 3 days and jail sanction on a probation and parole hold violation. No bond set.

Stanley V. Schickel, 40, 218 Bailey Circle, on a warrant out of Arizona. No bond set.

Reports — Friday

Speeding on Louisiana 65.

Reports — Thursday

Disturbance on Lincoln Avenue.

Unwanted person on Bayou Drive.

Bench warrant on Fisherman Drive.

Harassment on Townsend Lane.

Traffic citation on U.S. 84.

Harassing phone call on Vernon Road.

Theft on Louisiana 15.

Arrest on warrant on Cowan Street.

Traffic citation on Loop Road.

Traffic citation on Louisiana 565.

Speeding on U.S. 84.

Vidalia Police Department

No arrests

Reports — Friday

Dog call on Texas Street.

Auto Accident on Carter Street.

Speeding on Carter Street.

Speeding on Carter Street.

Escort on Carter Street.

Reports — Thursday

Mischievous mischief on Bill Johnson.

Leash law violation on Wallace Circle.

Traffic Stop on Carter Street.

Welfare check on Robert Gray.

Traffic stop on Carter Street.

Auto accident on Carter Street.

Escort at Delta Bank.

Ferriday Police Department

Arrests — Friday

Calvin T. Washington, 28, P.O. Box 821, Clayton, on a bench warrant. Bond set at $731.

Frank Skinner, 62, 705 Tennessee Ave. on a bench warrant. Bond set at $764.

Arrests — Thursday

William Shamburger III, 22, 1080 Owens Road, Calhoun, on charges of possession of marijuana and speeding. Bond set at $909.

Chad Grimble, 32, 206 Kentucky Ave., on a charge of driving under suspension. Bond set at $224.

Arrests — Wednesday

Jarius Davis, 52, 201 Texas Ave., 52, on a charge of driving under suspension, expired motor vehicle insurance and no registration in vehicle. Bond set at $224.

Reports — Friday

Speeding on 65 North End.

Speeding on Louisiana 15.

Two speeding violations on Louisiana Avenue.

Speeding at Ferriday High School.

Two speeding violations on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

No seat belt and ran stop sign on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Reports — Thursday

Loud music on Georgia Avenue.

Speeding on E.E. Wallace.

No seat belt and loud music on Louisiana Avenue.

Speeding on Serio Boulevard.

No seat belt and cracked windshield on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

No seat belt, expired driver’s license, no driver’s license on person, expired license plate and no insurance on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Speeding, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance on Delaware Avenue.

Reports — Wednesday

Failure to maintain control causing an accident and open container on Lake Drive.

Parked in fire zone at Ferriday Market.

Speeding on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Two speeding violations on Louisiana Avenue.

Ran stop sign on Louisiana Avenue.

No seatbelt and driving under suspension on Delaware Avenue.

Speeding on Maryland Avenue.

No seat belt on Eisenhower.

Speeding at Ferriday High School.

Reports — Tuesday

Speeding and no proof of insurance on Louisiana 15.

Three speeding violations on Louisiana 15.

Natchez Fire Department

Alarm on Cranfield Road.

Vehicle fire on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive.

Structure fire on U.S. 61 North.

Alarm on Main Street.

Vidalia Fire Department

No calls.

Ferriday Fire Department

No calls.

Concordia Fire District No.2

Small structure fire on BJ Road.