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Brown’s recreation plan could be the final solution

Is something better than nothing? That’s the question we’re left pondering after hearing Natchez Mayor Butch Brown’s suggestion on city-county recreation.

Years after city, county and school district officials started discussing the idea of working together to create a new recreation complex, the result is a plan that no one seems to want to fund.

The city doesn’t have the money, it says.

The county doesn’t have the money, it says.

The school district — recently forced to make significant budget cuts on its own — certainly doesn’t have the money.

So Brown’s solution, while it may not be ideal for those of who believe our community’s youth deserve the best recreation facility possible, is simple.

Fix up what we have.

Brown suggests Adams County’s largest, single recreation facility Duncan Park, can simply be made more functional for a fraction of the cost of constructing a new facility.

As much as Brown’s critics may hate to admit it, his logic seems pretty sound. Clearly, as the non-binding, 2009 county referendum on recreation proved, voters want improvements — nearly 8 out of 10.

If the community will not build a large, new recreation complex, perhaps improving what we have would be a compromise worth considering. It cannot be worse than the status quo.