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Interested in curbing doggy sex?

Now that I have your attention, let me explain the salacious headline above as it involves an issue of community importance, so please read on.

I was recently asked to become a director of the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. One of our goals is to curb or stop the immoral, elicit, indecent and unprotected sexual conduct between two unrestrained dogs (and/or cats) that may copulate without the approval of consenting animal owner(s).

These wild, uncontrollable, primal urges and desires invariably results in unwanted offspring. Preaching abstinence to these carnal K-9s has proved to be absolutely useless. Then, the question becomes, “What does one do to stop unwanted pregnancies?”

The answer is that you attempt to raise money so that in the famous words of Barney Fife we can, “Nip it in the bud.”

In all seriousness, the Humane Society has untold numbers of dogs and cats neutered and spayed annually. This organization works hard to find homes for all of the animals that come through its facility. Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot find homes for these animals; therefore, they have to be euthanized.

Last year, 2,128 cats and dogs were processed through the NACHS facilities. Of this number, 1,104 had to be euthanized.

You may be interested to know, however, through the work of our chairman, Kathy Fitch, we have partnered with humane shelters in Florida who actually want as many dogs as we can afford to send for purposes of adoption. Since we have begun this program, we have not had to euthanize any healthy puppies.

As most of you know, NACHS is also engaged in the construction of a new facility for the care of abandoned animals.

We would like to say that this is not about money, but, as you know, it always is. All of these undertakings by NACHS are expensive and cannot be continued without your generous contributions. To that end, the real purpose for this article is to advise you that NACHS is hosting a fundraiser on Lake St. John from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, June 29. This will be a jambalaya fundraiser (compliments of Paul Melancon of Cajun Cookin’ Restaurant) at the beautiful lake house of Dr. and Mrs. Randy Tillman. You can locate their house by turning left at the Duck’s Nest restaurant and going exactly 3 miles. Their house is on the right directly across from the pumping wells. The dress is casual, and the donation is $25 per person, which may be paid when you arrive. You may also contact Susan Callon for pre-payment at 601-445-5268 or send her an email at suscallon@yahoo.com (all proceeds go directly to the benefit of NACHS).

Furthermore, we will have an auction conducted by Barry Maxwell to auction off 12 portraits by T.G. McCary. Portraits will feature a print of the highest bidders’ favorite animal in various states of pose. We also will be honoring Dotty Stubbs for her past volunteer work with the NACHS.

I can assure you that no one hates to beg and ask for money more than I (although, I am quite comfortable to do it in front of a jury), but I can tell you that this will be a very worthy cause and is needed to attempt to maintain humane resolutions to the neverending problem of unwanted animals.


Lucien C. “Sam” Gwinn III is a Natchez attorney and member of the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society’s board of directors.