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Natchez High golf receives donation


NATCHEZ — Thanks to a recent donation by the Harvest Club, the Natchez High School golf team will hit the green with the best equipment.

Baldwin said the Harvest Club donated a set of golf irons, woods and a golf bag Wednesday.

Baldwin said this was a great gift for a group of children who wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“I have some players who have never played golf before and golf clubs are quite expensive,” Baldwin said. “The Harvest Club has opened doors for children to play who do not have money for a $600 set of clubs.”

Baldwin said he was surprised by the gift being he has no personal connections with any other the Harvest Club members.

“This was just an unsolicited great gift; a great thing they did for the children at Natchez High,” he said.

The Harvest Club president K.G. Watkins said that the sole purpose of the club is to recognize golf.

“The Harvest Club has been around for 38 years and our guideline is to promote the game of golf in our community,” he said.

Watkins said the donation was not the first gift they’ve given Natchez High, and it definitely won’t be the last.

“We’ve given them a driver in the past, and hopefully, we’ll continue to donate things to them in the future,” Watkins said.

Watkins said giving to the Natchez system is more like returning the favor for what the system has done for them.

“They are the public school in the Natchez system and most of our kids went through that system and golf was a big factor in their lives,” he said. “Some even got a chance to go to college because of it.”

The Harvest Club wasted no money making sure Natchez High received the best there was to have.

“If you could see the clubs they have donated to us, this is hundreds of dollars worth of clubs,” Baldwin said. “Without this donation the children would be playing with old, outdated equipment, and equipment does matter.”

Baldwin said he can’t wait for his team to use the new equipment when the season gets started in the fall.