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Display of public faith highlighted by Wallenda

In America these days, faith is all too often hidden from public view. Prayer isn’t allowed in many public venues anymore.

Sharing one’s faith is frowned upon as it might infringe upon the rights of someone else who may disagree.

The political correctness police do a good job of keeping Americans walking on a thin line between having no faith at all and clinging to faith while rarely displaying it.

Sunday night, the sure-footed aerialist Nik Wallenda trampled that line some 1,500 feet above the Grand Canyon.

With approximately 13 million viewers watching the feat live on TV, Wallenda had his faith front and center.

Wallenda, with a microphone and two cameras strapped to him, stepped across the huge gorge carefully traversing the 2-inch steel cable as it swayed in the wind.

All the while, Wallenda talked to God, thanking him for all sorts of things including the amazing view, the opportunity to make the walk, calming the winds and more.

It was, perhaps, the most-watched show on the Discovery Channel in years. No doubt many of the viewers were watching to see the worst possible outcome — his possibly falling to an almost certain death.

What they saw was a man utterly comfortable in his faith. Seeing that front and center, with no apology, was refreshing.

Maybe, just maybe, Americans watching the Discovery Channel Sunday discovered something truly amazing — it’s OK to publicly display one’s faith.

Perhaps we’ll see more of that soon, with or without the high wire.