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Broadmoor reunion home run for former residents

By April Garon

The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — Baseball was the glue that formed lifelong friendships in Broadmoor subdivision in the 1960s.

All of Brenda Harris’ siblings grew up playing baseball in Broadmoor. She is one of seven.

But Harris’ story is similar to many in the neighborhood who participated in the favorite pastime.

“It was something to look forward to every year, a highlight of the summer,” Harris said.

Charles Sanders, a businessman and pillar of the Broadmoor community, started the Adams County Youth Baseball League in 1965. Sanders funded the necessary equipment for the league and provided the participants with bus trips to other cities to play with other youth leagues.

Harris said there weren’t many other activities available for the children at that time.

“Our parents didn’t care where we went; they knew we were in good hands,” Harris said.  “We never had to pay for anything, we just had a good time.”

Harris remained close friends with many of her softball buddies and saw a need to bring them back together.

“All of our lives, we have remained friends,” Harris said.

Harris recently decided to organize a reunion for the entire Broadmoor subdivision to rekindle the fun they had in their youth.

Harris said a main point of the reunion is to honor Sanders and the impact he had on their generation.

But Sanders, 83, said the young Broadmoor residents of the 1960s were the reason his baseball program was so successful.

“They were just kids that had a way of wanting you to like them,” Sanders said. “During the summer, they would come sit on my porch in the morning, waiting until I got up.”

While Harris wants to thank Sanders, Sanders said he already received the biggest reward.

“It was rewarding to see the joy they displayed,” Sanders said. “You wouldn’t see any kids nicer. When they were successful, I felt successful, too.”

The reunion will take place July 5 through 7 and will feature a tailgate style picnic at Broadmoor Park and a church service at Jerusalem Baptist Church.

All former and current residents of the subdivision are welcome.

Harris said former Broadmoor residents are coming in from all over the country to see their old baseball friends.

“People are coming from Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis among other places, and bringing their families,” she said.