It takes a village to plan a celebration

Published 12:04am Friday, June 28, 2013

Even the most organized of party planners rarely feels the need to plan a birthday party three years in advance. But beyond a few Old Testament stars, few of us ever likely have a chance to turn 300.

So forgive us all if we’re a little excited by the upcoming celebration of Natchez’s 300 years of existence.

Natchez has a unique opportunity over the next three years to build up the celebration of the last 300 years.

That build-up starts with all of us.

Several of our elected leaders have been publicly pushing to get more and more conventions and other meetings to come to Natchez for the city’s tricentennial celebration.

But it’s not just going to work if the dozen or so elected leaders are the only ones who drink the Kool-aid and begin evangelizing about how great Natchez’s big birthday will be.

For it to be great, it’s going to require a community effort. This is a big deal, one that requires all of us to spread the word.

Each time we have an opportunity, we all need to be promoting the celebration. Today, approximately 100 automotive enthusiasts will roll into downtown Natchez participating in the Great Race.

Those are 100 potential Natchez missionaries that can help us all spread the word back in their communities.

Like any movement, it begins when someone gets excited. Let’s all work to begin getting the “save the date” information out now so no one has an excuse not to come to our big party.