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Officials await test results to explain man’s behavior

NATCHEZ — Natchez Police officials are hoping the results of a blood test will reveal why a Natchez man ran from medical personnel, stole a pick-up truck and led an officer on a high-speed chase Sunday.

Natchez Police Department Detective Jerry Ford said an officer responded to a medical call on Myrtle Avenue Sunday at approximately 7 p.m. and found Elvin Mitchell, 26, on the ground complaining of pain.

Officers called for an ambulance to transport him to Natchez Community Hospital.

“They had him in the back of the ambulance strapped down and basically he unstrapped himself, pushed the attendant out of the way, opened the door and jumped out,” Ford said. “He ran back to where his sister (Lakeisha Mitchell) lives on College Street and apparently broke through the patio door and grabbed a set of keys to the sister’s boyfriend’s (Kendrick Cameron) truck.”

As Elvin Mitchell allegedly went outside to steal Cameron’s pick-up truck, Cameron attempted to stop him by hanging on the truck door.

“While (Cameron) was trying to stop him, (Elvin Mitchell) ended up running (the truck) into the neighbor’s house and caused some heavy damage to the front left side of the house,” Ford said.

Cameron was thrown from the truck after Elvin Mitchell hit the neighbor’s house and drove toward police officer Kenneth Stampley’s patrol car.

Elvin Mitchell drove past Stampley and continued driving toward he drove onto the yard of house on West Woodlawn Street.“I jumped out of my patrol unit, drew my weapon, ordered him out of the vehicle and held him at gunpoint until back up arrived,” Stampley’s report stated.

Ford said Mitchell consented to a blood sample test and officers are waiting on the results of the test to hopefully explain his behavior.

“We’ll have to wait on that to see exactly what was going on,” Ford said.

Mitchell, 20 W. Woodlawn Ave., was charged with fleeing law enforcement agency vehicle/resisting an officer and no driver’s license.