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Country torn apart by trial result

In the past few weeks, our country has been torn apart.

We have gone back into the looking glass of the 1960s.

George Zimmerman did not put on a white hood and sheet in order to cover his face.

But instead, he used a new Sanford, Fla., law called the “Stand Your Ground” law. Zimmerman had attended classes to study and learn the “Stand Your Ground” law.

He knew just how the law would cover him. And on that day he used the “Stand Your Ground” law to gun down Trayvon Martin.

Now at this time, the State of Mississippi has passed and put into law an open-carry gun law. A law that will give your Zimmerman mentality people a hiding shield to cover themselves.

We have Zimmerman-type people right here in our own back yard.

Our younger black kids and white kids, most of them are not living with the old 1960s mindset.

They are going to school together, playing sports together and getting along together.

It should not be about the Zimmermans of the world. It should be about the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King — that all races of people live in peace, harmony and love.

Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for just one set of people. He died for all of his people.

Let’s protect our kids from gun laws such as the “Stand Your Ground” and the gun law in the State of Mississippi.

Our kids must live, and not die like Trayvon Martin. Let us pray for Zimmerman and Martin’s family.

Jesus Christ is the answer.


Clarence Anderson Jr.

Natchez resident