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Potential nightmare solved by kindness

On July 3, 2013, we were camping at River View Campground with friends and relatives. That afternoon we went to Dairy Queen in Natchez for supper.

My friend, Faye Smith from Bogue Chitto, left her “Coach” shoulder bag on the seat in Dairy Queen.

Because we did not leave the campground again, she did not miss her purse until Friday when she got home and began unpacking her camper.

She retraced her steps in her mind and remembered the last place she had her purse.

She called Dairy Queen and was told she would have to wait until the evening shift came to work. Of course, she was frantic.

We had decided to stay another day at the campground, so she called us and asked us if we would go in person to the Dairy Queen, which we did.

When we got there, we could barely find a parking spot it was so busy. We waited in line and the girl behind the counter was very nice to us, although she was very busy.

She got the manager, Anna Ware, who was also very busy.

However, she took the time to begin looking at schedules of who was working on July 3, and she began calling.

On the third phone call, a big smile came on her face.

Whoever she was talking to said, “The purse is in the safe.”

We do not know who found it and turned it in, but we are so thankful for honest people. We love Natchez and visit a lot.

On behalf of our friend Faye Smith, we thank all who were involved at Dairy Queen. Anna Ware deserves a raise.


Evelyn King

McComb resident