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Co-Lin millage long overdue for college

Adams County has finally promised a fair allowance to one of its favorite children.

Years of asking, presenting flip charts and pleading their case paid off for Copiah-Lincoln Community College Monday.

The board of supervisors agreed to dedicate a tax millage to the school — meaning that if tax revenues go up over time the college will get more money. (Of course, if revenues go down, so will Co-Lin’s funding.)

The county has provided funds to the college since 1982, but always with a fixed amount of money, not a millage.

Most other counties in the state fund their local community colleges with a millage.

It only makes sense, more so every day in Adams County.

The county must rely on workforce training and development at Co-Lin to sustain industry and recruit more. A trained workforce will, overtime, boost the tax revenue the county receives.

That revenue should in turn be shared with the college.

Co-Lin is a crucial part of our community. From summer camps for area children to vital training for tomorrow’s workers, the college sits right in the core of our family.

The dedicated allowance is deserved and overdue.