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Tricentennial is opportunity for city’s future

Anyone familiar with Natchez knows the town likes to have a good time and throw a party.

While the folks in Neshoba County tout their annual county fair as Mississippi’s Giant House party, Natchez may just give them a run for their money come 2016.

In just three short years Natchez will celebrate 300 years since Europeans first settled in the area; plans are shaping up for one doozy of a party.

In fact, Natchez Mayor Butch Brown has said the party be all year long — think of it as 365 days of reveling Natchez.

The promotional planners aimed at raising corporate sponsorships have their eyes set on raising approximately $10 million for what they’re dubbing, “A Party 300 Years in the Making.”

That’s a hefty fundraising goal, but it’s attainable with lots of work and perhaps a little luck.

Natchez’s Tricentennial isn’t just an excuse to party, though; it’s an opportunity to sell Natchez for years to come.

Careful event planning should bring thousands of newcomers to the city, and it’s a great opportunity to sell those newcomers on the idea of returning to Natchez for years and years to come.

If Natchez plays its cards correctly, the 300th birthday celebration could kick off a new era in Natchez tourism.