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Break in reported at Concordia Parish School Board central office

VIDALIA — A Chevrolet Tahoe was missing and several doors were kicked in when Concordia Parish School Board employees returned to work Monday.

Concordia Parish School District Superintendent Paul Nelson said the break-in happened during the weekend at the school district’s offices on U.S. 84, just outside of Vidalia.

Nelson said five offices were broken into. He said the thieves stole loose change from employees’ desks and a Chevrolet Tahoe, used by school district employees.

“I’m not sure that they took much of anything,” he said. “We all have computers in our offices, but none of those were taken.”

The Vidalia Police Department found the undamaged, stolen vehicle parked on Minorca Road in Vidalia Monday afternoon.

Though nothing significant was lost, Nelson said the break-in will cost several thousand dollars in repairs, including purchasing five new doors and installing more advanced security cameras. The building’s current cameras do not record video.

“There will be a couple thousand dollars in just the doors,” he said. “We will probably have to re-key the building and install a new camera system, too. I have been working here for seven years, and this is a totally new thing, one that we certainly hope won’t happen again.”

Nelson said the school board would pay for repairs with money from its general fund.