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Ferriday man stabbed while attempting to stop fight

NATCHEZ — A Ferriday man who stepped in to stop a fight Sunday morning apparently didn’t realize he had been stabbed until after leaving the scene.

A Natchez police officer responded to Riverland Hospital in Ferriday in reference to an aggravated assault Sunday morning, according to a report at the Natchez Police Department.

The assault reportedly happened in Natchez, but the victim checked into the Ferriday hospital because it was near his residence, the report said.

The victim reportedly told police he and a friend had been standing outside a club at approximately 2 a.m. when the friend and an unknown woman became involved in an altercation. After stepping in and breaking up the fight, the victim told police he left the scene.

Later, while at a local fast-food restaurant, the victim told police he realized he had been stabbed in the upper back and took himself to the hospital.

The report said the victim was too impaired  to remember the exact location of the incident.

The matter remains under investigation.