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Crime reports: Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013


Natchez Police Department

Arrests —Tuesday

Kyrikus L. Mason, 25, 39 Brenham Ave., on a charge of aggravated domestic violence. No bond set.

Arrests — Monday

Andrew B. Baker, 27, 27 2 Landsdowne Park, on charge of speeding on local highways and suspended driver’s license. Bond set at $694.

Oliver McMorris III, 42, 1238 Daisy St., on a charge of contempt of court (default in payment). Bond set at $500.

Kennie Hannon, 22, 69 Cloverdale Road, on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident. Bond set at $622.

Johnnie B. Hudson Jr., 64, 591 Charlie Lane, Brookhaven, on a charge of contempt of court. Bond set at $473.

Lejarius D. McGuire, 23, 601 Old Washington Road, Apt 5E, on a charge of willful trespass. Bond set at $726.

Reports — Monday

Harassment on North Shields Lane.

Suspect in custody on Dumas Drive.

Intelligence report on McNeely Road.

Malicious mischief on Elgin Street.

Trespassing on Old Washington Road.

Bench warrant arrest on Liberty Road.

Property accident on Winston Hill Street.

Traffic stop on Martin Luther King Jr. Street.

Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Arrests —Tuesday

Augustine Anderson Bailey, 43, 4509 Chandler Lane, Gloster, on indictment for shoplifting. Released on $7,500 bond.

Arrests — Monday

John L. Woodfork, 45, 20 Elm St., on a charge of possession of stolen property. Released on $500 bond.

Lawrence Solomo Warner Jr., 24, 2A Lincoln St., booked on indictment. Released on $2,000 bond.

Angela Carrie Strahan, 42, 223 Holly Drive, on indictment of carnal knowledge of a child under 14. Bond set at $10,000.

Damone Roddell Johnson Jr., 22, 304B Dumas Drive, indicted on a charge of dog fighting. Released on $5,000 bond.

Clarence Green, 40, 18 Saragossa Road, on a charge of simple assault (domestic violence). Released on $1,000 bond.

Devanta Jamal Givens, 18, 204 Cloverdale Road, on indictment for aggravated assault. Released on $68,000 bond.

Melvin Meshae Bradley, 39, 584B Lower Woodville Road, indicted on charges of possession of schedule II substance (cocaine) and possession of schedule III (hydrocodone). Released on $30,000 bond.

Reports — Tuesday

Dog problem on Old U.S. 84 No. 1.

Patrolling area on North Palestine Road.

Disturbance on Cottonwood Drive.

Harassment on Phillip West Road.

Juvenile problem on Solitary Valley Plantation Road.

Bench warrant on State Street.

Detail on Lower Woodville Road.

Dog problem on Kudzu Lane.

Animal cruelty on Itasca Drive.

Deceased person on Second Street.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61 North.

Alarm on U.S. 61 North.

Traffic stop on Shields Lane.

Reports — Monday

Petit larceny on U.S. 61 North.

Loud noise on Country Club Drive.

Disturbing the peace on Sunflower Road.

Juvenile problem on Ingram Circle.

Harassment on Morgantown Road.

Traffic stop on Homochitto Street.

Intelligence report on Pinemount Road.

Lost or stolen tag on Rand Road.

Disturbance on Col. John Pitchford Parkway.

Juvenile problem on Government Fleet Road.

Accident on Steamplant Road.

Simple assault on Knotts Road.

Accident on Foster Mound Road.

Intelligence report on Glouchester Road.

Fraud on Azalea Lane.

Traffic stop on U.S. 61 North.

Traffic stop on John R. Junkin Drive.

Civil matter on U.S. 61 North.

Simple assault on Applewood Road.

Traffic stop on Kingston Road.

Unwanted subject on Cranfield Road.

Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office

No arrests

Reports — Tuesday

Tree down on Deadning Road.

Alarm on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Animal problem on Sage Road.

Reports — Monday

Civil matter on National Guard Road.

Civil matter on Doty Road.

Civil matter on U.S. 84.

Unwanted person on Magoun Road.

Unwanted person on Elizabeth Road.

Broken water line on U.S. 84.

Unwanted person on Ron Road.

Stolen cell phone on Doty Road.

Animal problem on Louisiana 566.

Civil matter on Margaret Circle.

Breaking and entering on Galloway Street.

Simple escape on U.S. 84.

Vidalia Police Department

Arrests — Monday

Sherry L. Bailey, 47, 1718 Merrill St., Natchez, on a warrant for possession of schedule IV and reckless operation. No bond set.

Reports — Tuesday

Medical call on Peach Street.

Speeding on Carter Street.

Medical call on Vernon Stevens Road.

Speeding on Carter Street

Reports — Monday

Medical call on Murray Drive.

Red light violation on Carter Street.

Unsafe load on Apple Street.

Small fire on Azalea Street.

Alarm at Vidalia High School. Phone harassment at Vidalia Auto Glass.

Stop sign violation on Viking Street.

Red light violation on Carter Street.

Ferriday Police Department

Arrests — Tuesday

Danny Shepard, 21, 100 Kyle Road Apt. C61 on a charge of disturbing the peace while intoxicated. No bond set.

Arrests — Monday

Michael M. Oliver, 19, 27463 Louisiana 15, on a charge of simple assault. No bond set.

Thomas A. Keys, 55, 35 Luther Knight, Laurel, on a charge of driving under suspension. Bond set at $224.

Reports — Tuesday

Theft on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Two auto accidents on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Death on First Street.

Disturbing the peace by intoxication on Kyle Road.

Reports — Monday

Off-road vehicle on public street on Delaware Avenue.

Stop sign violation on Kyle Road.

Two speeding violations on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Speeding on Louisiana 65.

Passing on left when prohibited on Louisiana Avenue.

Damage to property on Kyle Road.

Speeding on Louisiana Avenue.

Speeding at Ferriday Junior High School.

Stop sign violation on Concordia Drive.

Stop sign violation on Mickey Gilley Avenue.

Reports — Sunday

Two speeding violations on Louisiana Avenue.

Red light violation, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance on Kentucky Avenue.

No seat belt on Louisiana 15.

Three speeding violation on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Two speeding violation on Louisiana 65.

Stop sign violation, driving under suspension and expired license plate on Georgia Avenue.

Burglary at China Wok on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Obscured license plate violation on Louisiana Avenue.

Unwanted person on Burns Alley.

Driving left of center violation on Louisiana 15.

Red light violation and no proof of Insurance on Virginia Avenue.

Reports — Saturday

Red light violation on Arkansas Avenue.

Speeding on Oklahoma Avenue.

Speeding on Montgomery Square.

No proof of insurance, no driver’s license on person and expired tag on Kentucky Avenue.

Following too close on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Expired motor vehicle insurance on Kentucky Avenue.

Expired motor vehicle insurance, expired tag and improper display of tag on Louisiana Avenue.

Speeding on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Speeding and turning into private lot to avoid a red light on Louisiana Avenue.

Reports — Friday

Speeding on Delaware Avenue.

Stop sign violation on Maryland Avenue.

No motor vehicle insurance on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Speeding on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

No motor vehicle insurance and expired tag on E.E. Wallace Boulevard.

Harassment on Georgia Avenue.

Theft on Louisiana 15.

Natchez Fire Department

No calls.

Vidalia Fire Department

No calls.

Ferriday Fire Department

No calls.

Concordia Fire District No.2

No calls.