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It’s time for everyone to play ball

Natchez and Adams County have been running the bases for four years, but no one has scored.

And the fans are beyond restless. Some have already left the stadium — taking their children to play at nicer recreation facilities elsewhere.

The predictability of the inability of our local governments to work together is beyond frustrating from the not-so-cheap seats.

But as taxpayers who bought a ticket to this game expecting a new recreation facility, the majority of local residents are ready to see some action at the ballpark.

The Natchez-Adams County Recreation Commission brought forth a proposal for a recreation complex several years ago. The appointed, volunteer commission outlined a next step to the elected city and county boards.

And here we all sit.

Nothing significant — other than a few cheers of support and an awful lot of talk — has occurred.

A meeting this week was more of the same. Both sides expressed opinions, ideas, concerns and fears, but neither side even leaned toward second base.

City and county leaders want equal steps and seem distracted by a desire to know the other side will match funding for the project.

That’s a silly and unnecessary excuse to delay progress.

It’s time for the recreation commission to take the lead, bring three proposals for funding to the table, ask the public to attend city and county meetings and voice their opinions and request a “yes” or “no” vote from the players on the elected boards who hold the purse strings.

We’ll either play ball or continue to sit on the bench until trading day.