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Morgantown Middle School looking for community to help make difference

NATCHEZ — Morgantown Middle School Principal Roberta Phipps is calling all community members today to lend a hand in beautifying the school’s campus.

Phipps is hosting, “Make a Difference Day,” from 4 to 8 p.m. today at the middle school in hopes of sprucing up the campus before the first day of school Monday.

“When the children come back for their first day, I want them to have the attitude that they are excited to come back and are proud of the school they are returning to,” Phipps said. “I really want them to take ownership in this building and have a positive attitude when they come to school.”

Phipps is asking community members to bring lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, weed eaters and any other lawn supplies to help cut and treat the grass around the campus.

“We had the entire building repainted this summer and got some volunteers to help plant new flowers, so the lawn is the last thing we need,” Phipps said. “Having a nice, manicured lawn is something we need for the children to look at when they return.”

Members of the Omega Phi Phi fraternity volunteered to improve the landscaping around the school in July by planting bushes.

“We have the people to come and keep our campuses up, but I saw this as an opportunity for people in the community to come out and do something to show that they haven’t given up on us as a school district,” Phipps said. “All of us that work in the schools are trying as hard as we can to do all that we can do to make sure we have everything ready for our children to succeed.”

Phipps said she is hoping for a good turnout today, especially with the forecasted temperatures being lower than previous days this summer.

Temperatures are forecasted to be in the high 80s for a majority of the day.

“I’m just hoping it won’t be as hot as it’s been all summer,” Phipps said. “I really feel that we’ll have a good turnout, because this community wants what’s best for the children and they put the children’s needs and priorities first.”