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Cathedral field house broken into, vandalized

NATCHEZ — The Cathedral High School football team is without numerous cleats and catching gloves after a reported break-in Thursday.
Athletic director Craig Beesley said a maintenance worker noticed the door to the school’s field house was open Thursday morning, but he initially thought it was nothing more than vandalism.

“We assume they kicked the door in,” Beesley said. “I couldn’t get down there until 1 (p.m.) because I had classes, but I called the police and met them down there after I got out.”

But it turned out to be much more than vandalism. Several players were missing cleats and gloves, and more than a dozen footballs inside a bag had laundry detergent poured on them, destroying them.

Beesley told police officers that only coaches and staff have keys to the locker room and that all the doors were locked Wednesday after everyone left.

There were no signs of forced entry into the locker room, according to the police report.

Beesley also said he wants people to be on the lookout for Nike Vapor cleats and Under Armour, Nike and Cutter gloves.
“Not too many people can wear those on the streets,” Beesley said. “We want to find out whether they play sports or want to sell them.”