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Interchanges helped local economy

While still a bit rough around the edges, the opening of the new interchange at U.S. 61 and Lynda Lee Drive is an impressive milestone for Natchez.

Affectionately referred to by locals as the “flyover” because of the seemingly high altitude of the new overpass at the intersection, the new construction marks the end of a significant investment in Natchez’s infrastructure.

The intersection was one of three Natchez interchanges that were authorized to be reworked during Natchez Mayor Butch Brown’s tenure at the Mississippi Department of Transportation. Brown’s involvement in the projects is to be commended.

The flyover is the final interchange to be completed.

The Liberty Road Bridge at the Natchez Trace is an impressive addition to the area — though clearly it was over engineered on the landscaping side of things.

And, some locals still poke a little fun at the continuous flow interchange near Natchez Regional Medical Center. With unusual traffic patterns, it’s among the most bizarre of the three improvements.

But make no bones about it; the millions of dollars invested in the interchanges were welcome shots in the arm of the local economy as construction workers spent money locally.

When the construction is finally completed and the affected roadways smoothed of bumps, we’ll be happy to not see another orange construction barricade for a while.