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County to get 5 new emergency sirens

NATCHEZ — In mythology, the siren song had an irresistible draw.

But for five new areas in Adams County this year, the sound of sirens will send a different message — get inside.

Adams County Emergency Management Director Stan Owens said the county has received hazardous mitigation grant that will fund four new outdoor warning sirens for the county at a total cost of approximately $105,000.

The county will be responsible for a 25 percent match on the project, but because the supervisors already program the cost of a new siren into the emergency management budget each year the match has been covered in the budget, Owens said.

A fifth siren, which had previously been purchased, will be installed at the same time as the four from the grant.

“These sirens are to warn someone who is outdoors to protect themselves, to seek shelter,” Owens said. “We might use these for severe weather or if there are hazardous materials spills — if you hear these sirens, your local officials are telling you to get indoors and get information.”

The new locations for the sirens will be in the Stanton, Sibley, Fenwick, Pinemount and Pineview communities.

The sirens already in place are tested on a monthly basis, and on a clear day have a sound radius of approximately one mile. Owens said the installation of the five new sirens will have all of the county’s highly-populated areas covered.

The last time the sirens were used county-wide on a non-test basis was when Adams County was under a tornado warning in February.

When the installation of the new sirens is complete, the county will have 18 sirens, up from eight in 2008. Owens said after this year his office will evaluate other areas in which to install new sirens to ensure coverage in the event that the siren’s sound is not able to carry its full range due to severe conditions.