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Kindness no stranger to community

A week filled with acts of kindness and bright scholars has come and gone.

But before we begin to prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a moment and look back at some of the highlights from last week:

• Stan Smith and members of a local bike club gathered donations to help replace an iPad that was stolen from Chloe Sander — an 11-year-old student who suffers from a neurological disorder that affects her communication. We’re glad to see such selfless acts of kindness happen right in our backyard.

• Residents gathered in Vidalia for a rally to “Save Our Streets” and to honor the memory of 20-year-old Derec Dobbins, who was shot and killed after an alleged argument on Davis Street. We hate to see violence take the life of anyone in our community, but thank those who attended the rally.

• Joanna David recently graduated from the University of Mississippi and completed undergraduate research on a drinking water treatment system that involves an electricity-free, solar disinfection method. The treatment system will soon be installed in a village in Togo, Africa, to help residents have clean and safe drinking water. We applaud David’s work and wish her the best in the future.

Sunny skies are forecasted for a majority of the week, so let’s enjoy the weather and continue making great news in the Miss-Lou.