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Natchez-Adams School District overflowing with old equipment

NATCHEZ — Outdated computer equipment, old desks and other items no longer used by the Natchez-Adams School District are taking up valuable space at various schools.

Those items, district officials told school board members Thursday afternoon, however, can’t simply be put out on the curb for daily trash pick up.

“Some of these computers and hard drives have sensitive information that needs to be wiped clean before we dispose of them,” technology coordinator Dewana Strauder said. “So it’s not recommended that you just take these to a landfill because other people could find them and go through that information.”

District officials put up for 30-day review a policy for the management of fixed assets, which includes equipment costing $1,000 or more and items that have a useful life of more than one year.

Superintendent Frederick Hill showed board members a slideshow of photos from the various schools throughout the district where closets, office spaces and even auditoriums are overflowing with items ranging from grand pianos to old magazines.

“As you can see, we have a lot of stuff that just needs to be disposed of,” Hill said. “I know pretty soon some of this space is going to be needed and right now the space is just being occupied by all this stuff.”

Following a required 30-day review of the policy, board members would be able to vote to approve the policy, which clearly outlines the requirements for staff when disposing of the fixed assets including furniture and equipment.