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Serve the community as a Chamber of Commerce ambassador

After professionals retire, we find ourselves continuing to want to stay “in the know” and be able to give back to the community that was so generous to us for decades. So, there is fun and action after retirement through the local Chamber of Commerce that fits that bill. It is called the Natchez Chamber Ambassador Program and is comprised of a very energetic group of retirees from all walks of life. They are willing to share their knowledge and experience, as well as take an active part in all community issues.

In helping the local Chamber, ambassadors help with fulfilling the mission statement of the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce in helping to provide an independent representative voice for business and helping to create a positive business environment through multiple avenues. Not only are most of the activities satisfying, they are always interesting, educational and fun. Networking with other professionals, young and old, keeps one involved with all of the local events going on now and that is happening in the future.

Ambassadors go to all Chamber After- Hours events where we not only interact with our old and new business contacts, but we get to share in the brotherhood of business at a social level. Some of the best business experiences originate at a more relaxed social level than a strict presentation or meeting. Getting to meet and greet leads to lifelong friendships.

The Ambassador Group helps with the annual gala as greeters and facilitators not only dealing with the public and visitors, but all chamber members and committees. The chamber body as a whole relies on the Ambassador Group as resources from the community who have already served and are willing to continue to serve. We rely on the best practices, so as not to reinvent the wheel in a community that has so much to offer.

You do not have to be a retiree to join. Some experienced workers, with time given, would like to enjoy serving the community and be involved in community events. There is room for everyone to help the Chamber. Those that have served as past members or board members are welcomed.

The group has been requested on special occasions to not only represent the Chamber, but the Natchez-Adams community as a whole when welcoming visitors on the paddle wheel or special area announcements dealing with industry or upcoming events. Also, while working with all chamber members and committees, it is professionally fulfilling to be present at mixers and luncheons as Ambassadors for the community.

How many times have you passed by that local business or industry and wondered what they do to benefit workers and the community? One of the most enjoyable activities of the Ambassadors is to tour, contact and visit our local businesses on a regular basis and continue to give them the support of their community and let them know we appreciate what they do. We attend all ribbon cuttings and grand openings for all new businesses and even promote ribbon cuttings or announcements for existing business expansions or updates.

I strongly encourage you to join and be a part of our community again. To find out more information about this program, contact the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce at 601-445-4611 or visit their office at 211 Main St. You will feel encouraged by giving your time and experiences back to your community.

Tommy Ferrell is the Chairman of the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program.