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Waste Pro seeking extra trash fees

NATCHEZ The Dumpsters in Kingston and Foster Mound runneth over, and Waste Pro wants the county to help pay to haul it off.

Waste Pro Division Manager Doug Atkins said residents are filling the containers at the county’s two convenience stations so much that they have to haul off on average six Dumpster loads each week per location.

“We are hoping to charge about $100 a pull for those boxes,” Atkins said. “Currently, we don’t having anything set up to charge for pulling those boxes.”

At 12 pulls a week, a $100 charge per pull would equal $62,400 a year for the county.

“That would start to get high,” District 2 Supervisor David Carter said.

Currently, the Dumpsters are being filled to capacity regularly, Carter said.

Atkins said the company is planning to bring a compactor to each location that could help reduce the load to four weekly pulls per location.

“If we make four pulls, that is $40,000 a year,” Carter said.

District 1 Supervisor Mike Lazarus said that he is concerned that residents are dumping household trash at the convenience station when they already pay to have the trash picked up at their houses.

“I hate to think that we are being double charged,” Mike Lazarus said.

County Administrator Joe Murray pointed out that the current contract is not structured to provide a charge.

“The contract says no charge,” Murray said.

“Compensation is in the house count,” County Attorney Scott Slover said.

Carter said that he believed that Waste Pro should be paid some charge, but did not specify how much he thought the charge should be.

The issue was tabled until Waste Pro, Murray and Slover could sit down and discuss the issue in detail.

Atkins also mentioned that the company is currently going through the county executing its annual house count. Waste Pro is driving through the county determining which houses are included in the county’s garbage contract.

“There are lots of folks on the border,” Atkins said. “There are some in the city who pay the county and some in the county who pay the city.”

Atkins said the E911 maps have proven inaccurate.

“We have found accounts that are still open that shouldn’t be,” Atkins said.

Atkins also said that he recently visited with Murray at Sandy Creeks Estates, where limited access for garbage trucks exists. The area serves 50 to 75 houses and camps, Atkins said.

“They are not going to be able to pick up curbside,” county road manager Robbie Dollar said,

The supervisors agreed to set up an 8-yard Dumpster in the area for residents to use for trash disposal. A nearby resident will monitor the Dumpster.

Lazarus said he was concerned about dogs and deer getting into the Dumpster, but agreed that it may be the best solution.

“Let see how it works,” Lazarus said. “This may not be the solution, and may turn into a mess.”

In other news:

• Allen Laird with Southwest Mississippi Planning and Development said he is hopeful that Mississippi Development Authority soon will grant the county funding for a new roof for the building that houses the Department of Human Services on Liberty Road.

Laird said MDA came for a site visit.

“That is always a good sign that they will fund a project,” Laird said.

• County IT director Lance Bishop said he expects the county to have a new website up and running on Oct. 7. The website will allow residents to pay their taxes online.

Supervisors president Darryl Grennell said that residents who pay online would have to pay any credit card fees, because the state does not allow the county to offset such fees.

• Grennell asked supervisors to begin thinking about what the county can do to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2017. The State of Mississippi will also be celebrating its bicentennial Grennell said.

“I am not pushing a 365-day celebration like the (City of Natchez),” Grennell said. “We should have at least one major event or several throughout the year.”