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Vault not worried by slow start

JONESVILLE — Block High School fans aren’t used to seeing the Bears lose their first two games, but head coach Benny Vault Jr. said he isn’t concerned at all.

Vault, who was out of town during the Bears’ 12-8 loss to Ferriday High School Friday, said he’s back at the helm this week as Block (0-2) prepares to host Jena High School (1-1) Friday night.

“It’s like we’re jumping off buildings over here,” Vault joked about the slow start. “But we’re good to go. We’re just as good as we’ve ever been. I think me not being here had an effect on the team (last week). The kids were a little flat, but I feel really good about the team. We’re going to get it together, and I still expect to win a state championship.”

With his team’s size and speed, Vault said he’s confident his Bears can make a run in the postseason. Coaching inconsistencies have been Block’s Achilles heel so far this season, Vault said. Breaking in new offensive coordinator Tom O’Kelley has contributed to his team’s slow start, he added.

“We’re trying to get the kids used to his play calling,” Vault said. “I take all the blame for our start, but we’ll get this turned around. I’ve taken over the play calling until we get the kids used to it.”

Right now, the coaches have the players working on some of the Bears’ more basic plays in practice.

“We’re trying to get some consistency on the offensive line,” Vault said. “My biggest focus this week is getting them to come together and play as a unit. We still have some injuries up front.”

In addition, the Bears will also break in a new starting quarterback, with Trevor Vault sliding over to wing back to make room for Vyn’Quez O’Steen.

“He’s been a backup for a couple of years,” Vault said. “He’s athletic and really coachable, and he allows us to do some other things with Trevor and lets us put the ball in (Trevor’s) hands a little more. We still have Trevor there if we need him.”

Vault described Jena as scary to watch on film, saying they’re big and fast and look really good.

“We’ve struggled the past couple of weeks, so we’re just trying to keep (the players) positive and get a win,” Vault said. “Jena looks good. I don’t think they’ve had this much speed in a while.”

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. Friday at Block.