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Elevance launches new product

NATCHEZ — Elevance launched a new product last week, indicating components of which will eventually be manufactured in Natchez.

Elevance Renewable Sciences announced a product known as Inherent C18 Dacid — which the company says will enable producers of polyamides and polyurethanes, lubricants and adhesives to significantly expand their offerings with cost-competitive products — is being manufactured using raw materials made at the company’s biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia.

Elevance Executive Vice President Andy Shafer said the raw materials for Inherent C18 will be made in Natchez, as well.

“We see the possibility for it to be one of the derivatives that would be produced as part of a later phase of the project at Natchez,” he said.

Elevance committed to bring 165 permanent jobs to Natchez at the time it purchased the former Delta Biofuels facility in the Natchez-Adams County Port in 2011. Plans for the facility include converting the biofuel facility to a biorefinery.

Elevance’s products are used in personal care items, cleaners, lubricants and high performance polymer plastics.

The company’s startup in Indonesia — which happened in July — was a stated necessary first step to getting the Natchez plans started, and the company’s Natchez delegation was heavily involved in the construction, commissioning and startup of the Indonesian operations.

Shafer said Elevance plans to announce a clarified timeline for its Natchez facility during the fourth quarter of this year.