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Harvest America cultivates nation

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and whoever captures souls is wise,” Proverbs 11:30.

Harvest America Crusades has been invited to cities all over the nation to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Kingston United Methodist Church and Lovely Lane United Methodist Church have partnered with Crosspoint Church to host a Harvest America Crusade at 6 p.m. Sunday. Come join the fellowship as this event will be held at Crosspoint Church on Highland Boulevard.

Harvest America is a free, nationwide simulcast event. Greg Laurie will give the gospel presentation, and music will feature top Christian musicians MercyMe, Jeremy Camp and The Katinas.

This year’s live host location is the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Harvest America is a non-denominational, non-profit organization. In the last 23 years, more than 391,000 people have registered decisions of faith in Him. Hundreds of churches are banding together to amplify the gospel all over the world.

Through Internet streaming and satellite, the gospel message is transmitted from an arena in Philadelphia to listening hearts in hundreds of host sites across the United States — sites that include churches, gymnasiums, theaters, businesses and living rooms.

The most vital way to prepare for Harvest America is to pray.

Greg Laurie began his pastoral ministry at 19 by leading a Bible study group of 30 people. Since then, that small group had grown to some 15,000 people.

Laurie is the featured speaker of the nationally syndicated radio program, A New Beginning, which is broadcast on more than 700 radio outlets around the world. He also has a weekly television program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Please join us at Crosspoint Church on Highland Boulevard at 6 p.m. Sunday for a wonderful time of worship and fellowship. Everyone is welcome.

The crusade is free to the public, and nursery/childcare will be provided through the age of 8.

For more information, you can visit harvestamerica.com or contact Renae Loy at 601-870-7158, Katherine Fontenot at 601-304-0822 or Rhonda White at 601-442-3905.


Rhonda white is co-organizer of the local Harvest America Crusades.