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Positive push online a must for Concordia

Concordia Parish’s invitation to the businesses and industries of the world isn’t very pretty.

But worse than that, it’s not all that welcoming or helpful.

In this day and age, the first place new or experienced companies turn before considering a move to an area is to the community’s online presence.

Thankfully, the parish economic development engine has a website —


The site includes information on the demographics of the area, not-so-recent news, a few resources for new businesses and two images that presumably show land available for development but offer very little information.

It’s a start.

But the existing website is not the goal.

Economic and Industrial District Executive Director Heather Malone has said that for years.

Malone and her board want to see a website that offers interactive mapping resources to paint a better picture of available property to businesses. They want to include information on the quality of life and tourist opportunities in the area. They want an official logo.

It’s all a needed addition, and though such sites can be costly on the front end, they are must-haves in today’s business world.

The parish economic development group is currently raising funds from the public and private sectors to fund the site.

The City of Vidalia and parish police jury have provided $5,000, so far. If a few area businesses also do their part, the cost will be covered, and the future can begin.

Sharing the cost now will mean everyone reaps the benefits later.