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CodeRed calls available for residents

Possibly the most asked question our office receives is “Why didn’t I get the CodeRed call?”

First, let me explain a little history of how the National Weather Service, known as the NWS, issues severe weather warnings. On Oct. 1, 2007, the NWS began issuing warnings in the shape of a polygon (We call them a “box.”) rather than the old way of issuing warnings for the entire county when possibly only one portion of the county may be affected by the warning.

These warning polygons represent the state of the art technology that NWS currently has, and how it has improved how they issue warnings only to those possibly affected by severe weather.

Not to make light of the fact, because these avenues of receiving information are VERY important, but other sources cannot be so area specific.

Television, radio and other sources can’t be as geographic specific as NWS warnings so they just say “Adams County is under a warning.”

When you sign up for CodeRed Weather Warning, the system takes the phone number and address you provide and assigns a GPS location to your phone number.

When the NWS issues a warning for either a severe thunderstorm or tornado, they assign a polygon of the area affected. CodeRed then takes that polygon information and calls only the phones that have a GPS location within that polygon.

Putting it simply, CodeRed Weather warning works the way it is intended to work. If you are out of the polygon you will not get a call.

CodeRed is provided by your Adams County Board of Supervisors free of charge to all county residents including those within the City of Natchez. Your board of supervisors know this program can save lives.

Locally, our understanding is that Concordia and Catahoula parishes, along with Jefferson and Claiborne counties, now provide this service.

Adams County residents can sign up at: http://bit.ly/Wz9Ox2.

Concordia Parish residents can sign up at: http://bit.ly/14MOZFJ.

Be Safe and Aware.


Stan Owens Jr.

Adams County Emergency Management Director