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Vidalia, Block hope to avenge losses

Vidalia — Vidalia High School (2-2) head coach Gary Parnham Jr. said last week’s 39-14 loss to Bolton High School was hard to swallow.

“I felt like we gave the game away last week,” Parnham said. “We had a chance to get up on them early and missed some opportunities.

“Its tough to stomach when you think you should’ve won a football game.”

Parnham said the Vikings must learn how to be consistent and hit their opponents where it hurts instead of letting their opponents kick them while they’re down.

“Our main focus is we have to maintain football games when were in it and cut down on mistakes that give other teams opportunities to take advantage of us,” Parnham said.

St. Frederick Catholic High School is next on the Vikings’ schedule, and Parnham said the key to beating them would be to work solely on themselves.

“They’re a really good team that runs a spread offense,” he said. “They’re not big, but they’re very fast. But all we can do is control what we do.”

After losing their last two games, Parnham said the Vikings are looking to gain some confidence in their battle with St. Frederick.

“(We have to start) becoming a solid football team,” he said. “We have to start playing through four quarters and have the confidence that we can win games and go get them.”

Vidalia High School hosts St. Frederick Catholic High School at 7 p.m. Friday.

Block High School

Jonesville — The Block High School Bears (0-4) are taking a 3-hour road trip to Bossier City, La., Friday to play the Bossier High School Bearcats in pursuit of their first victory of the season.

Block head coach Benny Vault Jr. said he put Bossier back on the schedule for personal reasons.

“I put Bossier back on the schedule because they beat us twice (in the past), so we have to go out there and beat them,” Vault said. “It also keeps it exciting to play different teams that are not in the area.”

Vault said he has seen the improvement in his Bears and is happy with where they’re headed.

“We have gotten much better since week one,” he said. “What happened to us last week was our offensive tackle and center were down, so we had to put different positions at the tackle spot.”

Vault said he saw a lot of good things from Block’s overtime thriller against the bigger Peabody Magnet High School as they were just an overtime quarter away from stunning the Warhorses at their homecoming game.

“They’re playing really hard, Peabody was a 4A school (that we almost beat) and I’m really happy with where we’re at right now,” he said.

Vault said they lost that game because of the lack of aggression at the lineman and kicker positions.

“We’re not being as aggressive with our offensive line,” Vault said. “We’ve lost a couple of games because we didn’t convert those extra-point kicks. That’s something we’re focusing on this week, is getting our kicking game right.”

Block will play Bossier High School away at 7 p.m. Friday.