Missing movie dog found

Published 12:06am Friday, October 4, 2013

NATCHEZ — Quinny the dog spent two days leading film executives and locals on a chase from the greens of Duncan Park to the breakfast buffet at a local hotel.

But Natchez’ newest actress finally returned home Thursday afternoon after being found by a local couple.

Director Tate Taylor and producer John Norris, who are in Natchez to film the upcoming James Brown movie, “Get on Up,” lost a four-month-old pitbull mix puppy Tuesday.

Quinny was originally found between Natchez and Washington on the side of the road with a phone cord tied around her neck.

Norris said he and Taylor spent all Tuesday and Wednesday searching Natchez for their lost dog, who they planned to include in the film.

“I was getting calls from people in Los Angeles and all over saying, ‘I heard you lost your dog and it’s all over the news,’” Norris said. “Then I kept getting texts about Quinny spottings from people all around town, so we would go wherever people said they saw her.”

Norris said they visited Holiday Inn Express on Canal Street to find that Quinny had wandered in during the breakfast buffet and hopped onto several people’s laps before strolling off on her own.

“We heard she was at Duncan Park, so we went there and the first people we saw was this older couple,” Norris said. “I walked up and asked if they had seen a runaway dog and then said, ‘Are you looking for Quinny?’

“Everyone knew about it and it was like everyone was on high alert looking for Quinny.”

Shortly after, Norris said he received a text message from Jonathan Newman and his wife, Amy, who said they had found Quinny Wednesday night.

“They took her in, fed her and then called when they saw the article in the newspaper,” Norris said. “We went over there and picked her up, and she was just so happy to see us.”

Though Quinny’s escapades gave Norris and Taylor quite the scare, Norris said he was appreciative and indebted to Natchez residents who helped them find their dog.

“Here come a bunch of Hollywood fancy types to town, but everyone still went out of their way to help us,” Norris said. “Everyone was so friendly and just kept saying, ‘You’re going to find her.’”

Norris and Taylor rescued another dog during filming of the Academy Award nominated film “The Help” and named it Greenwood after the city where the crews were filming.

Greenwood ended up landing a role in several scenes of the “The Help,” and Norris said Quinny will be in a few scenes in “Get on Up,” which will be filmed entirely in Mississippi.